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Hello everyone.

I was messing around with a layout and I thought I'd share it with everyone. I don't really have a plan in mind for it. This layout is a PC98 style layout, based heavily on Dead of the Brain, to use in Twine. The idea was to create something that would make it easy to start plopping in content for a VN in this style.


  • An image viewport
  • A dialog box on the bottom
  • Left and Right option bars, currently configured to fit 3 buttons on one side 3 on the other
  • Save and Load Screens with 8 slots, thumbnails, and descriptions
  • Options menu with volume slider and space for two more sliders
  • All art elements are able to be changed to fit the tone of your story
  • Glorious 640x400 resolution


  • Styling the sliders
  • Text scroll with speed slider
  • Separate sound effects and music sliders
  • Action buttons for the side (Look, Use, Talk, etc)
  • Documentation
  • Cleaning up the whole look to make it easier/more readable when entering content
  • Commenting the code

For now it's in an incomplete state, but there's nothing stopping you from being able to use it as a starting point for a game. I'd like to make it easier to use and customize in the future. For now, I'm out of time when it comes to spending much time on this.

If you like this and would like to help me fix the obvious issues with it, please send me a message on Twitter or comment here! 

No need to credit me for using it (but I won't stop you) just try to send your game my way so I can check it out!

Special thanks to Asephy for the custom test art!

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Authorfia glas


PC98 Layout v0.5.zip 2 MB