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This might be a bit of a dumb question but what are the controls? Im stuck on the menu screen <:( im super exited to play it tho!!

Really cool game that subverts expectations in interesting ways. If you only played the first few minutes you would walk away thinking it was a simple but competently made Twine game and miss out on what the game really has to offer. To not spoil things, I will just say that this game had me questioning both myself and the game itself. A lot is left up to interpretation and the game gave me a real feeling of unease. This ability to transfer a specific feeling onto the player is no small task and something that media often fails at. Overall, I highly recommend this game.

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Great to see a good number of writing projects harnessing Twine this year; I think this was the best. This experience used the CSS in Twine in a lot of technically interesting ways that I think elevated the experience a lot, such as through video clips, animated text, pop-ups and even fake errors. This has to be pushing what Twine can do to its limits and it's very impressive to see it used in such a diverse way.

The central conceit of an unreliable narrator going through revisions of a story surrounding an incident was aided by the meta 'glitches' representing a collapse of the veracity of the story (or perhaps the intentional manipulation of memory on the part of the narrator)? I think the deconstruction in reverse was a good arc to generally lead the reader against the narrator's account.

The integration of multimedia to depict some of the disturbing actions by the narrator made this game a lot more unsettling and provided a good counterpoint to the writing. The bait and switch of the horror being centred on the location, then the house, then the actions of the narrator was a good way to manage the reader's expectations and constantly shift the source of the horror in this game.

Great work on this one! I think this writing shows a lot of maturity, and combined with the technical accomplishment of pulling this experience off in Twine, I'm really surprised you composed and polished this in a little over a week. Can't wait to see what projects you work on next. 

Also, have you read any of Mark Z Danielewksi's works? This was kind of reminiscent of the unhinged, form-defying approach I saw in 'House of Leaves'.